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Take care of foot problems today

If your feet are over-pronation the computer will indicate whether you require orthotics or not and if so, which type of orthotics is best for you. Footlevelers' orthotics are world famous and millions of people have  benefited from wearing them since 1952.  With a variety of orthotics,  whatever your lifestyle is we will be able to meet your needs.

At Golden Arches Orthotics & Wellness we guarantee the workmanship and satisfaction of all our clients. We provide a one-year warranty for all our orthotics and satisfaction guarantee. We would even remake a second pair free of charge if your first pair does not meet your satisfaction.

So, if you are suffering from aches and pain ( such as foot, ankles, knees, hips and lower back ) feel free to call us for help. Pain is a symptom that somewhere in your body there is a problem. If there is a problem fix it before it gets very bad. Flat feet very often cause foot pain initially and then spreads upwards causing knee pain, hip/back pain and later neck and shoulder pain.  But  like in most cases, once your feet are corrected you  begin to feel the pain going and the pain stays away as long as you are wearing your orthotics.

At Golden Arches Orthotics & Wellness we study and scan your feet to determine your arches condition with the latest 3D Body View Scanner. This technology allows us to see exactly the level of pronation of your feet. If one or more of your arches have fallen it will show us the number of points of pronation. It ranges from Optimal to Severe pronation.